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BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 - Creator

  • $99900

Clear interface and improved features

  • Intuitive and easy to manage
  • Small or large icons for a perfect view
  • Open more than one design at a time

All the incredible software features are easy to use and navigate with the user-friendly interface. The menu is intuitive and easy to manage. You have the choice between small or large icons for a perfect view and the tool names and functions can be displayed if desired. Open more than one design at a time and easily switch between designs.

Easy installation

  • Improved installation process
  • Easy and flexible!
  • Use software on multiple computers

Neat and smart home screen

  • With helpful tutorials
  • Direct access to the help section
  • Browse through new projects

Customize anything you want

  • Alter embroidery designs limitlessly
  • Special fill effects, change colors, etc.
  • New Branching and Weld tools

Choose from many font designs

  • 60 different fonts
  • Suggested size is already included
  • Add even own fonts

Design Library: all in one place

  • Browse through various designs
  • Load your designs into the library
  • From library to WiFi Device in one click

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