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Kretzer ZipZap 782015: 15cm - Sewing Universal Scissors - ZipZap Dressmaking Scissors

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This product comes with grey cushioned handle with a soft rubber insert for a comfortable non-slip grips and dura-steel blades.

Suitable for lightweight to medium cutting-out tasks.

Size: 150MM

About this item

  • 100% Made in Germany ( Solingen )
  • DURA-STEEL = Durable, stainless steel - won't rust + High-grade stainless steel, ice-tempered for durable cutting ability
  • SOLID-CUT = Stable and dependable + Special edge for reliable cut of almost all materials
  • PERFECT-GRIP = Comfortable and safe + Ergonomically shaped grip made from indestructible synthetic material with soft rubber insert - both left and right handed, comfortable and non-slip
  • ZipZap - cuts it all! These stainless steel all-round scissors cut your hobby and craft



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