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Mettler Thread

  • $500


100% Polyester

150 metres

Cotton, synthetics, mixed fabrics, linen or silk. Clothes make the man. And the universal thread METROSENE® will ensure that you and your clothes make a particularly dazzling appearance - and more. Its excellent smoothness, high tensile strength and ideal sewability make the universal METROSENE® a reliable partner for all your creations.
Use article 9146 Cordonnet as it is particularly well suited for quilting and ornamental seams as well as for decorative work, such as hand embroidery, buttonholes etc. This article can also be used for projects which require high tensile strength.

Available in up to 318 colours and 0 featuring size(s). Not all products have worldwide availability.

    Available colours for this length: 318
    Length 150 mART.-NR. 9161 No. 100
    Linear density: ca. Nm 62/2 (dtex 162*2)Needle size: Nm 80-90

    Waschen 60°CBleichen erlaubtTrommeltrockner normalBügeln hohe TemperaturReinigen mit Perchlorethylen

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